On the table…

I’ve been busy creating today!

It’s been awhile since I’ve made any new jewelry pieces, and since I’m gearing up for something next month, I figured now is a great time.

Introducing — Found Objects & Toasted Lizard!:

“Found Objects” is an adjustable steampunk’d charm bracelet.


Toasted Lizard is a steampunk’d locket style pendant on chain. The locket part opens up, and you could put a nice photo inside if you wish.
I was sifting through a very old (read: brown, crumbly pages and old book smell) book of children’s poems. While sifting, the two works “toasted lizard” jumped off of the pages and it just seemed right. That’s why it all happened! This one is an old, revamped pendant that I had lying around. I used a bit of black Golden High Flow paint to help bring a focal point to the steampunk pieces and parts.
Until next time.

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