Artistcellar Design Team Announcement + Fun Tutorial with Sacred Hearts Series Stencils

Hello! My name is Cristin Stevenson, also known as ‘PanArt’. I am both excited and honored to be a part of the Artistcellar Design Team!
I am a mixed media artist, art journaler, jewelry creator, guitarist and coffee enthusiast.    I was initially shown a love for creating from my great grandmother… whenever I would go visit she always had a project planned for us and we always kept busy.  Many years later, I decided to take the leap and pursue art as a full-time venture. Since then, I have had many artist features locally and an opportunity to expand through online teaching. 
I find inspiration from music, nature, and color of all kinds. My favorite mediums include acrylics, watercolors, texture and crackle pastes. I also love to utilize stencils in my work for added interest, texture and magic!
In this project, I was instantly inspired by the Artistcellar Sacred Hearts Series Stencils!
I started by applying a wash of acrylic paint on vintage sheet music. Then, I used bubble wrap with carbon black acrylic paint and stamped the bottom left and top right corners as well as a border of carbon black around the entire page.
On a separate piece of paper (I used watercolor paper that had been prepped with black gesso) use modeling paste and a palette knife with the Artistcellar Sacred Heart series stencil. Simply scrape the modeling paste on the page through the stencil with the knife, then immediately rinse the stencil in warm water.
Once the modeling paste is dry, glue the stenciled image to the sheet music. Then, just add some stitches of thread around the corners, bottom of the painting. I liked the extra texture it added. I think it just makes it interesting!
Lastly, paint the stenciled image with a wash of acrylic paint and apply a thick layer of DecoArt Media Crackle Glaze. The thicker layer you add, the more “intense” the crackle effect will be. Finish  up with some white highlights.
Art is how I express myself, capture life’s moments, and release. My aim is to never be content, to never stop learning and never stop creating. I love having the opportunity to inspire others through art… because art truly is not an option.

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