Blog Along in September – Day 1


I kept saying that I should utilize this blog a little more often. I tend to express myself more visually as opposed to wordy, so I’m going a bit rogue here… but, when Effy posted about the Blog Along September I figured now is the time.

If you want to join in, you can do so here:


This week, I started working in a new little journal for the Columbia Center for the Arts, “Collective Wisdom: The Artist Sketchbook Project”. Basically, I just fill this little journal with – whatever I want ! – and then send it off to live there! Pretty cool, huh?  I have to fill it by December 1, so along with all my other ongoing projects I shouldn’t be lacking for anything to share — ever.

Isn’t the photo cool? It was taken a few months ago just outside one of my favorite houses in town! There’s just something *pure magic* about the place.  I’m always finding myself wanting to drive by it and snap photos… it made a perfect art journal spread too. That red, teal and rust. *swoon*.

And since I’m missing my Chemtrails West partner-in-crime quite a lot since he moved back home a few weeks ago, I’m going to leave you with some noise!


Listen to Chemtrails West!

That said, I’m off to go work on prepping a canvas for tomorrow night’s Facebook live painting session.  I’ve been working on the design all week and I’m really excited about it.


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