Blog Along in September : Day 3

This year has been the first time I’ve ever kept an entire garden alive from start to finish. Every single year I plant with the best of intentions and then I try like hell to keep it alive and never succeed.

Well, until now that is.

So, since I’ve actually managed it, I want to really push the envelope and see if I can keep some of this alive through Winter too! My studio desk is HUGE, and I figure if I can move my printer somewhere else, I can keep some plants in there. *Hopefully* keep them alive AND have pretties to look at all winter long.

Today is all about digging in that dirt, and let me tell you – I did it. It’s 90 degrees today, I had dirt and sweat running down my arms, muddy hands and sweaty dirt-mud all over my face by the time it was through, but look what I have to show for it!:

There is loads of succulents, patchouli, lavender, aloe vera, rosemary, thyme and even a little marigold plant in there too. Eeee.  So for today’s nudge from Effy, I guess you could say that I used to think I couldn’t garden – but now I can see it isn’t true. I totally can. Even if this might have been a little luck too.

Last night’s live went swimmingly — and I finished this little merlady in just over two hours. Some behind the scenes shots from last night:

My husband Frank helps me co-host every week, we drink a little adult beverages and he helps me entertain/keep track of bids and such. This time it was just us so I took him out afterwards for a piece of pie:


Now? Now I’m off to finish up some studio cleaning I didn’t get done yesterday and hopefully move some plants indoors.  Until next time…



P.S. – This song is my jam right now…

P.P.S. – If you want to join in with the blog along, you can do so here!:

4 thoughts on “Blog Along in September : Day 3

  1. This last winter was the first time I managed to keep my succulents alive! A few of them didn’t make it, but most of them are still with me. The grow light made all the difference.

    Your garden is beautiful and your husband looks like a fabulous partner for your adventures. 😊
    (Anyone who like to make funny faces when photographed is alright in my book.)

    Yay for your new gardening accomplishments! I look forward to reading more from you.


  2. These plants look healthy and beautiful! Nice that it worked out for you this year. Oh and I love your merlady. She turned out really, really nice! Now I need to go find your FB page 🙂


  3. I have fallen in love with keeping plants indoors (I only have two), so I feel this. I miss having a garden to tend even if I did kill it every year. *lol*


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