Blog Along in September: Day 4 – The Clean Studio


I finally finished my studio clean! I’m kicking myself currently for not taking any before pictures, but ah well, right here? Right now. This is about as good as it’s going to get. My space is tiny, but I make the most out of it.

This little altar in my room serves as the perfect first stop checkpoint to any creative adventure. Light some incense, maybe some palo santo… the sky is the limit an this space makes me oh so happy.



The new studio garden is also a great addition, so pleased to have room to house it, despite how small the room actually is. (The desk takes up most of it).


Lastly, I turned this tapestry into a little curtain and hung up a tension rod on the bookcase. The case serves as storage only (shipping boxes, tape, packaging, canvas, etc) so it’s pretty damn unsightly under there and no way to really make it look any better. The curtain HELPS SO MUCH.

Now if I can find a place to put that printer I’ll really be in tip top shape…

I’m off to go start the preliminary work of throwing some paint at a huge canvas and seeing what can come of it.



17 thoughts on “Blog Along in September: Day 4 – The Clean Studio

  1. I reorganized my art space a few weeks ago. I think it lasted all of about 3 days. I have several projects going all at once and things are EVERYWHERE. I guess I’ll have to start tidying about again soon. Lol.

    I love your space and your little garden. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Your studio looks ❤ ❤ ❤ – I'm pretty jealous of your plants! I just bought 3 succulent babies after some disastrous attempts at some larger ones before. Hoping I can keep these ones alive! xx


  3. Love your space!
    With winter coming one of my main goals is to have a lil studio garden like yours, so far I have a little.., really I have no idea what it is but I water it every morning!

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  4. I cleaned my summer mess Thursday. And i didnt get any before pictures either. Mainly because it looked kike Hurricane Harvey hit it. A natural disaster made by me. Why is it we never post those before pix? ARE WE AFRAID WE DONT WANT PEOPLE SEEING HOW BUSY WE ARE?


  5. You have a beautiful space. I am stopping to visit because I am worn out trying to clean the dining room (catch all) space in my house. I have the elements for an alter but need to dedicate time to setting it up.


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