Artfully Wild Blog Along: Sacred Spaces


My day started at 5:30 AM.

Quick breakfast.

Then it was right to work. Sending off necessary e-mails (I’m still way behind on replying to emails – oh my god.) Putting together the April Patreon print digital download, the Etsy discount code.

Then filming.

Today, I filmed a duo Patreon lesson/bonus Magic Forest lesson.
I was working in my magic forest journal and playing with the idea of a magic village.


I’m calling it, “done for today” though my mind is already whirring with more I could add.

An hour of filming and that much more editing, I’m waiting on it to export.

I finished today’s work by 11am. (That almost never happens.)

Since I had some free time, I cleaned and organized ONE of my sacred spaces. It involved lovingly removing everything, cleaning up all the dust, and then one my one bringing it back together.


I love this space.

I’ll leave you with today’s song obsession:

3 thoughts on “Artfully Wild Blog Along: Sacred Spaces

  1. SO beautiful. I have several Sacred Spaces in our home too, and a Studio Altar that would need some more loving right now ❤ Thanks for reminding me that tending to it is Sacred in itself.


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