Pull Pen Paint 2019!

I’m SO PUMPED to once again be teaching in Pull Pen Paint for 2019!! There is a reason I keep coming back year after year – this class is really special. I love that it collides two of my loves – tarot, oracle and art. I LOVE the practice of strengthening my intuition via art and the cards.

“This course is for all levels and types of journalers — art, visual, and written. The course is designed with three kinds of journal keepers in mind: those who keep an analog or digital written journal, those who keep an art journal, and those who blend words and images to create a visual journal. And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never used a tarot or oracle deck before, there will be plenty of opportunity to explore, learn, and grow.”

Come join us – the early bird sale is open now!!


To be entered to win a spot in Pull Pen Paint with me, visit Facebook or Instagram and follow the instructions on the post.

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