Matte Gel Transfers

Happy Wednesday!

Let’s talk Matte Gel Transfers! This is one really fun way to create a really texture-rich art journal page — annnnnd not even have to spend a ton of time. (Unless you want to.)

Here, I’m using a inkjet print out of a recent illustration that I had created in another sketchbook. I’m going to use Haute Mess Matte Gel to incorporate this on to a page in my Haute Mess Journal!  This is a really great way to add a grungy and interesting collage layer.

Use a thick, even layer of matte gel on the page, and then put the print out face down. Now, you want to let it dry completely before you move forward.

Once dry, spritz it down with water and use a sponge or paper towel to gently rub the outer layer of paper away. Work slowly, and in a circular motion.

Once you have pulled away everything that you want to reveal you can then build layers with paint! Here I’m using Haute Mess Bad & Tatted and Fallen Angel to add even more interest to this art journal page!  I also used my favorite gel pen (Uniball Signo UM-153) to add the quote by Rupi Kaur.

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