Artfully Wild Blog Along – Day 4: The Catch-Up

Oh hi! I’m back – again. I figured the best way to play catch up is with a list! During my absence in this daily project I have been :

  • Arting outside. (Perfect weather. 77 degrees. Sunny.)
  • Playing with three very smoosh faced dogs. (Elvira and Kevin, pictured. Not pictured: Hypno.)
  • Spending a ton of money. (Well, it felt like a ton.)
  • Getting my car back! (After spending said ton of money.)
  • Making it back home.
  • Unpacking my car.
  • Updating my Etsy shop. (Plus a sale 20% off $20+ because, unexpected car repair.)
  • Painting a mermaid.
  • Painting a bird.

And at some point in all of that, I slept.

I’m wildly playing catch up today on everything.

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