Artfully Wild Blog Along Day 3 – The Compilation

It. Has. Been. Busy.

I traveled to St. Joseph Friday to get ready for my live paint show. On the way there my car started showing some problems. Okay. So it started grinding SO LOUD. Like metal shovel scraping ice loud.

S t r e s s e d!

I made it to town, visited a few friends. Abandoned some free art.

Went to Brioche:

Painted a spaceship with a really awesome little boy:

Drank the most delicious white russians:

First thing in the morning, I called a car repair shop to try to get my car fixed but also make it to my live paint show.

Throughout my show I had to handle car stuff … so it was pretty stressful too, but I still managed to have a lot of fun with every other aspect and I’m super proud of the art that came out of it!

So to wrap up, the car can be fixed… for $509, and I’m kinda “trapped” 45 minutes from home when I definitely need to be working. But, I am also very lucky to be in a place with so much support. 🖤

So, I’m off to try to make millions!

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