Artfully Wild Blog Along – Day 2 – Don’t You Like Clowns?

Hello again.

Slow moving today. It’s a work day, and so far I have managed to ship out some more artwork, update my Etsy shop with some new art and prints, walk in the rain, purchase a coffee and clean my studio. I also have to prepare for a live painting this weekend!

I’ll be live painting at a local coffee shop in St. Joseph, Missouri – Cafe Pony Espresso on Saturday. My artwork has been featured there throughout March and April! I haven’t decided yet what I’ll be painting, but I’ll be going from 2-6pm while live music is playing, so it can be pretty big.

Photo credit: Jeremy Prescott

Speaking of live paint – I’m going to be live painting at KC Crypticon and Sid Haig will be there! I REPEAT – SID HAIG WILL BE THERE. If you’re unfamiliar, he’s the actor who plays Captain Spaulding! I’m so pumped I had to create some House of 1,000 Corpses art to honor the occasion:

5 thoughts on “Artfully Wild Blog Along – Day 2 – Don’t You Like Clowns?

  1. Painting live sounds pretty wild! I love the sound of your day so far, especially the walk in the rain. I must admit your clown creeps me out (clowns do in general) but he also drew me in to read the blog! Have fun this weekend. 🙂


  2. Live painting is so intriguing. One of my favorite artist live paints on a very often basis and I find it amazing. Does it bring some kind of pressure?
    My Mom collects paintings of clowns so they don’t scare me much, I have been around their representation my whole life (I even painted one for her as a gift a few years back).


  3. I’m loving your artwork! And I kind of dig the clown too.
    Sounds like you have had a wonderful day and so many wonderful things coming up!


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